Sale And Clearance Items

UNO 315 Watt CMH Compact Unit Complete system with ballast
SRP- $375.00
Our Price- $300.00 with Phillips bulb
Our price-$275 with Ushio bulb
Ceramic Metal Halide systems come in 315 watt or 630 watt sizes. A single 315 watt ceramic metal halide produces almost the same amount of usable light as a 600 watt hps system. 
Use one light veg to bloom!
These lights do it all, huge electricity savings vs. hps systems, massive yields.
UNO 630 Watt CMH Compact Unit Complete system with ballast
SRP- $599.95
SALE Price- $449.95 with Phillips bulb.
SALE price-$429.95 with Ushio (or comparable) bulb
1000 Watt HPS wing hood system
-Uno Cap and coil Ballast
-Xtra sun (or comparable) bulb
-Meta Vega ratchet light hangers
SALE price: 199.95
XTRASUN 1000 Watt Digital Ballast only
SRP- $244.95
Our Price- $209.95
Waterfarm 8 Site Hydro Setup
Complete with Reservoir and Controller Bucket
SRP- $514.95
Our Price- $399.95
Full CO2 Setup
-Full Tank
SRP- $349.95
SALE Price- $299.95